When you plan an African safari, there are a number of things you need to consider….

What kind of safari would you like to experience?

DARE 2 TRAVEL CONSULTANTS is proudly offering a range of safaris following the client’s requirements. We have the knowledge and access to some of the Tanzania’s most exclusive locations and residences if you seek luxury and pristine beauty. At the same time, we are also ready and able to cater to the budget traveler with a desire to experience nature at a more moderate cost.

We select our destinations not just because they are luxurious, but because they also have something special to offer. Stunning views, private pools and all the creature comforts you would desire for a truly memorable adventure; we blend professional standards with warmth, making our safaris feel like home… just Away From Home.

Why Choose DARE 2 TRAVEL CONSULTANTS for your Safari Experience?

We handle your safari as opposed to selling your booking to an anonymous sub-contractor giving you peace of mind when you book with us

We take the safety of the clients as a primary objective. All of our guides are trained in wilderness first aid practices by certified professional trainers and go through refresher courses once a year.

Our veteran guides respond to your wildlife viewing and photography interests rather than sticking to a pre-defined schedule.

Our tailor-made approach enables you to plan your safari at any comfort / adventure / finance level: from rustic mobile camping to very comfortable lodges to private camps to the most luxurious permanent tented camps; we are ready for all.

We will ensure that our equipment is the best for the safari. We also ensure that all equipment is replaced in good time, to ensure the quality is maintained.

When needed, we have professional and dedicated cooks who will prepare food for your safari experience; they are skilled in creating versatile, nutritious meals, using fresh ingredients, and providing food of the very highest standard.

We strive to pay a good salary to all of our staff and ensure that our people have their basic safety and comfort needs met to ensure that they are able to concentrate on the clients

What is the Best Time to Travel?

It is possible to visit East Africa at any time of the year. But it is important to know where the animals are throughout the year, and that is where we come in! The best safari locations are the ones where the animals are easy to find and in large numbers. In order to experience this, you must follow the annual migration route.

Our safaris travel to the best game areas of the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and beyond. DARE 2 TRAVEL CONSULTANTS offers customized safaris, safaris combined with mountain climbing, and safaris plus trips to Zanzibar. Dates, destinations and experiences are all planning points with our clients.

December to March it is called the “green season”: It is an excellent time to watch birds and to see the calving of the wildebeest and zebras; the migration is expected to be at Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

April and May the big rains are expected; the migration is ordinarily in the southern Serengeti .

June to October is called the “dry season: It is an excellent time to watch animals gathering at waterholes and rivers in search of water; from June to August, the animals are in the northern Serengeti and by September and October they have crossed the border into Kenya and the Maasai Mara National Park.

November a small rain normally falls, turning the dusty savannah into a lush green one; the migration is expected to be at Ngorongoro Conservation Area.